Cleaning of stain and spots on hard-to-reach areas

Powerful stain and spot remover for hard-to-reach areas

Our aircraft soap and washing supplies clean even the toughest and hardest to reach stains. Navigate through our product list to satisfy your aviation needs.


  • is a multifunctional, thixotropic, dilutable, water-based specialised cleaning concentrate which leaves a smooth, clean surface that resists ┬árapid soiling; can be applied as a film or foam
  • does not contain any hazardous ingredients; does not endanger employees or the environment; was developed, tested and approved according to the strict regulations of Lufthansa Technik AG: Restricted Substances at German Airlines (Grey List)
  • has proved its worth e.g. in surface cleaning, especially on aluminium and dissolves even the strongest soiling agents such as oils, grease, grime, brake dust, gummings and deeply intruded environmental dirt

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  • is a ready-to-use, environmentally friendly, pleasantly scented solvent cleaner for intensive degreasing and cleaning
  • evaporates without leaving residues and does not attack the material surface
  • free from aromatic hydrocarbons
  • economical to use

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